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An Historic Look at the Bach Trumpet


My Slide

Improve your Bach Strad with a classic styled tuning slide. Patterned after the early Bach's, this slide improves flexibility and response. (Note: People have copied my slide and are selling their own version. I developed this slide. My slide uses high quality components including original Bach bracing and waterkeys. Does theirs?) Currently available for immediate shipping!!! Click above to learn more!

Vincent Bach Timeline

A timeline I've put together of the various activities of the Bach Corporation and the life of Vincent Bach. Corrections have been made to some previously published erroneous information.

Bach Serial Numbers

The most accurate Bach trumpet and cornet serial number list on the Internet! Find out how old your Bach is. If you have a shop card copy for your instrument and/or know its specific date of manufacture, please E-mail me with the information so I can update my list. Thanks!

The Evolution of the Bach Trumpet

Takes a look at various design elements of the Vincent Bach trumpet line from its beginnings to the present.

Did you know...

Some interesting tidbits of Bach trivia.

1925 Price List

Price list of all Bach instruments offered in 1925.

1935 Price List

Price list of Bach Stradivarius model trumpets, published August 15, 1935

Bach Stradivarius Mouthpipes

A list of all Bach Strad Mouthpipe Options.

Bach Stradivarius Bells

A list of all Bach Strad Bell Options.

Bach Quick Specs

A handy reference for Bach threads. Need to know the thread of that 3rd slide stop rod? Well, click here to find out!

Bach Shop Cards

Keeping inventory.

My Project Horns

A collection of photos of horns I've built.

Latest Project: Another trumpet made from a Cornet!

Yep, yet another cornet turned trumpet. We started with a large bore 1930's NY Bach cornet, and changed it into a 1930's style Bach trumpet utilizing a lightweight model 25 bell and a #6 leadpipe. Take a look at some pics of it!

An Earlier Project: Trumpet made from a Cornet!

A 1930's style Bach Strad trumpet that started its life as a cornet!!!. Be sure to click on the link to take a photo tour!


Pictures of Bach (and related) trumpets and cornets. Want your pictures added? E-mail me. I need your pictures! Thanks!

2003 ITG Conference Gallery

Just a few images I took while in attendance.

Timofei Dokshizer has Died

MARCH 18, 2005. World famous Russian trumpeter, Timofei Dokshizer, passes away at the age of 83.

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